marketing to attorneys

Marketing to attorneys and law firms can be rather daunting. Attorneys, like most business executives, are busy people who are often not receptive to blatant selling messages. Many attorneys have secretaries or assistants who screen out unwanted calls or mail. Online apps filter out unsolicited emails as well. And it is often unclear as to who the actual decision maker(s) at the law firm may be.

There are however, ways in which it can be done.

Law firms come in many shapes and sizes, and knowing how your product or service fits into their operation is key. Practice areas are different as well. When you target “attorneys” and “law firms” by type, you are more likely to develop a program that is unique and stands out.

Web Sites and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Online resources have become the number one means for reaching attorneys. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have a) an informative and professional looking website, b) make sure your business is listed as a “provider” in all of the relevant legal directories and c) that your business is ranked high on the search engine directories through blogs and content management that consistently offers useful information to attorneys. This information can be original or can be reposts of online material.

Social Media
Social media sites such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Google+ offer another means for reaching this elusive target group. Such sites allow legal vendors to interact with prospects through postings, comments and joint membership in specific online groups, offer the opportunity to connect with multiple levels of contacts and provide a forum in which legal vendors can tout their expertise.

Email Campaigns
Targeted email lists of attorneys and other legal professionals do exist. The key is finding those lists that make the most sense from a geographical, size of firm and practice area basis. In addition, a well-constructed marketing campaign can generate proprietary databases of attorneys and law firms as well. This can be accomplished through registration to vendor-sponsored seminars and webinars, through attorney sign-ups to vendor newsletters, inquiry forms on websites, etc.

Event Marketing
Developing seminars, workshops and special events is another way in which to get in front of attorneys – particularly if such an event provides the attorney with a tangible benefit (e.g., CLE credits). These happenings give your prospect an opportunity to get to know you on a personal level.

Trade Shows
Depending on the type of attorney that you are targeting, exhibiting at trade shows can be a very viable means for getting your product or service noticed. In many firms, it’s the office manager or law firm administrator who really runs the show. These executives have their own associations and there are specific media that can be used to target them. In marketing to lawyers, every situation is different. Much depends on the product or service being offered, the size of the firms being targeted, their focus, their management structure and the decision making process.

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